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USA Tumble Bee's Gymnastics Extension Program

gymnasts gather in a circleUSATBG is an extension program that brings gymnastics to your child at your daycare center or school. Instead of you coming to us, we come to you!

This program is for chidren from ages 2 to 12. No previous gymnastics experience is required. This program is for all daycares, after school programs, churches, YMCA's, Community Centers etc., where you need us to come to you. If your school, center, or organization is interested please contact us.

This is a unique opportunity for your child to learn from a professional how to build self-confidence while having fun doing something they love. Gymnastics will teach them motor coordination and self discipline in a positive atmosphere. Your children will learn the foundational building blocks for gymnastics in a way that is customized for each individual, at their own level of competency, while achieving success each step of the way. USA Tumble Bee's Gymnastics is a fun and safe environment for your children with a well trained instructor that is committed to safety.

USA Tumble Bee's Gymnastics mission:
Our focus is on the children. We want to teach the foundation of gymnastics for children so that they can use it and apply it to many different aspects of their lives. Whether they go on to compete in gymnastics, or if they later choose to search out other endeavors, it is not about how good they are but the confidence that gymnastics builds in each one of them. It will help them achieve better coordination and an understanding of their mind and body. With obesity running rampant in our society, it is essential that our children have an outlet and an option to keep in shape to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other diseases that are plaguing our youth as they grow into adolescence. Gymnastics will help them achieve these important goals and many others.

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