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IB Adedeji Memorial

In Memoriam: Ibukun Adedeji In Memoriam: Ibukun Adedeji

Ibukun Adedeji

Ibukun Adedeji, known as I.B., a member of the Junior Olympics Team at the Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy from Eagan, Minnesota, passed away unexpectedly on August 25, 2010 while on an outing with family and friends. He will be sorely missed by his gym family at BGA.

Photos by Samuel Adedeji (Ibukun Adedeji's father). Graphics by Robert Lattery and Lauren Haley DeBois.

Memorial Video:

About IB (Obituary):

Aspiring trampolinist Ibukun G. Adedeji, 11, of Eagan, Minn., recently died from a congenital heart anomaly.

Adedeji, who was nicknamed IB, competed as a Level 8 this past year and tied for the top difficulty for trampoline and double mini-trampoline at this year’s nationals. He had already achieved his Level 9 maximum difficulty and was working on his form, with the goal of achieving Level 10 by the end of the year. Adedeji trained at Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy, where he started at the age of 5. The gym held a memorial practice in his honor on Aug. 31.

He is survived by his parents, Samuel and Margaret; his siblings Adejoke, Oreoluwa and Oluwatoni; and grandmother, Adewuyi.

IB's Final Resting Place:

The burial site for IB is located at:

Acacia Park Cemetery
2151 Pilot Knob Road
Mendota Heights, MN 55120-1198

Photos and Images
Eulogy from BGA Coach Tomas Settell

Ibukunoluwa Adedeji, this name means Blessing of the Lord. IB, you are a blessing from the Lord.

IB, I still remember the very first day that you came to me and I was able to teach you gymnastics. I remember telling your parents that I saw something different in you. I witnessed and believed in your talent and the opportunities and gifts God gave to you. You started as a Jumping Bean, grew in to a Tumble Bee and ended as a Bee Elite Gymnast. As a friend and athlete you inspired me to grow and become a better coach. You were one of the founding fathers of my gymnastics club. You are mature beyond your years and wise. Your smile brightens up every room you walk into. You have forever changed me as a person, a coach and a friend. Although we had so many plans together I know your work here has been done.

In the 15 years I have been coaching gymnastics I will never forget when you were 5 years old and I was coaching the Jumping Beans. I would teach other children and watch you watching me teach them. It was as if you were on a secret mission to pay attention and learn. It almost became a joke that I would teach someone and you’d try to figure out what I was teaching them so you could get it quicker. Your focus, dedication and perseverance for the sport of gymnastics was profound and like none other. When people would doubt you and I, we stood by each other and we had faith that we would figure out the challenge together before us. As a young coach, you had faith in me and believed in me as I believed in you.

IB your humble spirit will never be forgotten in my heart. This year at nationals when you messed up on your tumbling pass we laughed about it together and said there will be next year. One of your competitors that did poorly and started crying needed to be consoled and you went over to him and told him it would be ok. You gave him a hug and said there is always next year. Your kind, humble heart and that smile that you have will always have a powerful touch in all of our hearts.

This year we were going level 10 and next year Elite. I guess God had other plans for you and now you are Heavenly Elite with the father. IB, you were the team leader at the gym. Your smile and faith brings peace to our team.

IB I have so many memories of our time together. I loved the simple memories and your humbleness. At Nationals this year you said there is only ONE IB and let me tell you, that is VERY true!

IB, my life motto is to Bee the difference in each person’s life. I have taught that to you and all the children at the gym. What is so humbling to me is that you IB were a HUGE difference in my life and I can see that you were the difference and touched many people’s lives. So from now on, at all the practices you will never have to do pushups because you get a “Bee the Difference” get pass Go, pushup free card. =)

I would like to share what is inscribed on the tomb of Sir Christomer Wren. “If you require a monument, look around you." As I give a challenge to all my athletes at my gym, I ask them at most practices who’s life they made a difference in this week. I want to challenge each and every one of you. How can you carry on IB’s memory and Bee the difference in someone’s life today.

IB, you are a monument and everyone in this room will look and see their monuments right next to them. You reminded me every day I was blessed in coaching you that you were a blessing. One day at the gym you told me that you were an Incredible Blessing and I was laughing because I didn’t expect someone so humble as you to say something like that and I didn’t realize at the time that your name actually meant that. I can tell you this much IB. You are an Incredible Blessing.

I will miss your hugs every day I saw you but I know you will be cheering us on from heaven.

As IB’s coach I have 3 challenges that I know IB would agree with me on.

The 1st is from the Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him; and He will direct your path.”
The 2nd challenge is that when you come to visit me at my gym, each and everyone of you, you must report to me how you were the difference in someone’s life. Because if you do not, you will get 10 pushups! =)
The 3rd challenge is I want each and everyone of you to look at each other now and in memory of IB tell each other how much of a blessing that person next to you is. Because you are sitting next to your own monument in your life now!

One quick explanation. Many of you might wonder what “Thumbs up ailerons up,” means that IB and I always did at practices and in one of his last videos I had made of him that is in the memorial video.

As a pilot you always do a preflight check to make sure that the control surfaces of the aircraft are functioning correctly before you take off. One test a pilot does is as they turn the Yoke (steering weal) to the left your thumbs point to the left and that ailerons should be pointing up and when you turn the yoke to the right your thumbs point to the right and your right aileron should be pointing up. I explained this to IB a while ago and ever since after he would get his new skills I would say, “Thumbs up Ailerons up.” And he would do this………. With his thumbs. This was our fun way of checking with each other to make sure everything was good.

So for IB can we all do it together? I will say thumbs up ailerons up and you all do this………..and say thumbs up ailerons up.

Everything will be ok even though we all feel the pain of his going home. It will be a struggle but whenever the thoughts of pain come inside of us lets look to our left and right and remember the monuments that are currently beside us now.

I thought I was IB’s coach but IB coached me! We love you IB and thank you for giving us your smile! One last honor I would like to give IB is a final gymnastics Salute with one arm up. Could all the gymnasts in the room stand up with me and salute IB one last time!

With love your coach,
Tomas Settell

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IB an angel
Artwork by Lauren DeBois
IB on the podium
IB and Liam
IB and Liam - drawing
IB and Liam (Drawing by Liam R)
IB as superman!
IB doing a backflip
IB doing the splits in the air
IB saluting on the podium