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Elite Challenge. Work hard be persistent and go Elite!

Elite Finals

Elite Prelims

2013 US Junior Olympics in Kansas City, MO.

Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there.

My(Coach Tomas) New baby girl born on 04-14-2013 at 12:19am. Maybe she will be a future gymnast too.

Garrett Lvl 8 optional 5.4 DD practicing for state.

Shayna working on Lvl 5 DMT for state meet.

Jocelyn working on Lvl 5 DMT for state meet.

Garrett working on Lvl 8 compulsory for state meet.

Jenna working on Lvl 5 DMT for state.

Drew working on Lvl 5 trampoline for state.

Grace practicing level 7 trampoline routine for State.

Sophia working on her BHS, 6yr old.

Chloe working on Lvl 5 DMT

Lily working on her Flatback

Lily got her DMT Lvl 5 on 04-10-13.

Oct. 25, 2012, Jordan J. got her front full for the first time.

Sophia, DMT LVL 2, Pass 1.

Paige, DMT LVL 2 Pass 1.

Petite Elite's Paige and Sophia having fun at competition.

Sophia, level 2 DMT.

Page, level 2 DMT.

Drew, level 6 DMT.

Jocelyn got her level 5 DMT.

Shayna got her back hand spring.

Peter,his first time doing level 5 DMT at a competition.

Peter working on his straddles.

Drew doing a brani lead up.

Garrett got his new level 8 trampoline optional with 5.0 D.

Lily gets her front flip solid.

Peter doing front flip at 6 years old.

Sept. 17, 2012

Aug 22, 2012 Jenna got her back hand spring for the first time.

Aug 22, 2012 Ayla showing her dad her new back hand spring for the first time.

Aug 22, 2012 Ayla got her back hand spring for the first time.

Aug 22, 2012 Rachel got her back hand spring for the first time.

Olympics 2012 - Mens Trampoline

54 yr old student learning Back Somi tuck on 08/08/12. Looking great Brad!! Very Inspirational. All parents should come try out our adult class on Wednesday evening at 8pm!

Check out one 82 year adult doing Trampoline. Sign up for our adult trampoline class today.

London Prepares 2012, Male Final

London 2012 Olympic Test Event NOT the current Finals.

Trampoline Mens Final-Arcived Streamed 01-13-12

Trampoline Womens Final-Arcived Streamed 01-13-12

Thank you to all the parents that commit so much to their children. Fathers included of course, but this video is for moms. Gymnastics is a sport that takes a lifetime.

Incredible commercial, we all need support. You can do it. We at Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy are here for you. Gymnastics is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.

2012 JO Nationals Trampoline Lvl 5 Emma

2012 JO Nationals Double Mini Lvl 6 Charity, Pass1

2012 JO Nationals Double Mini Lvl 6 Charity, Pass 2

Josh doing his Brani Straight for the 1st time.

Josh doing his Back Hand Spring on Floor

Lexi doing leadup drill for learning the Brani

Rachel doing a modified version of the new level 7 for fun, interesting invention.

Josh doing SpiderMan(Wall Walking)

Garret learning the Mushroom

Jordan getting her Back Hand Spring for the 1st time on July 31st, 2012.

Aly getting her Back Hand Spring for the first time.

Mariah Learning her Back Hand Spring 08/08/12

New Tumble Bees Band, this is hilarious. =)

Mel getting her Rudi for the first time.

IB Adedeji Memorial Video

IB when he did level 8. We miss you. You most certainly were a tumbling angel sent to us from above. In loving memory of IB Adedeji.

WEG (Word Equestrian Games) Kentucky - Equestrian Vaulting - Team USA wins Gold Medal

This is how winners are made.

Summer 2011 video done by a company called "DBA Videos"

Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy Junior Olympic Season Video 2009

Fun Video

Okay, this is just a fun video featuring head coach Tomas Settell as a spy aboard a Russian sub docked in San Francisco. This video was made at the 2009 Junior Olympics Nationals. This is something NOT to do while at Nationals! You have to see this to believe it.

Elite Sports-Gymnastics/Trampoline

WC Metz 2010 - Dedicated to the Champions

WC Metz 2010 - Trailer

Trampoline Promo Video

Synchronized Trampoline World Championships 2010

Check back later for more videos!